Trainee Spotlight

Matthew Rutledge is a PhD candidate in Statistics and a Graduate Research Assistant for the Center for Health Equity Transformation (CHET) at the University of Kentucky. Before coming to CHET, Matthew received his MS in statistics from the University of Washington and volunteered as an agricultural extension agent in Madagascar with the Peace Corps.

As a research assistant with CHET, Matthew helps faculty members with power analyses, statistical inference, and report writing. Matthew has enjoyed working with the faculty at CHET: “I love working with intelligent people who are passionate about their work and attempting to establish health equity means a lot to me.”

Currently, Matthew is working with Dr. Carrie Oser on analyzing the relationship of social networks and mental health in rural drug-using women’s HIV beliefs, knowledge, and risk behaviors and assisting Dr. Nancy Schoenberg with implementing a culturally adapted, technology-associated intervention aimed at reducing risks for cancer, obesity, and other chronic conditions among rural residents with low socioeconomic status through their health behaviors.

Matthew expects to receive his PhD in May 2020 and will pursue a career in industry. In the meantime, he hopes to continue learning from his mentors and colleagues at CHET.